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About VaVie

'Va' is 'will' and 'Vie' is 'life'.

As the name suggests, VaVie ensures a happy, safe and healthy life. On a similar note, VaVie products aim to promote and enhance wellness in your communities, workplaces, schools and families for a perfect lifestyle.

TriTech Water Technologies produce VaVie Drinking Water as one of the cleanest water for consumption that helps to boost healthy metabolic activity and improves the elimination of unwanted wastes from the body.

VaVie ALKALINE and PREMIUM Drinking Water ensure the best results for your healthy life.

The first product of its kind made in Singapore with high quality assurance in compliance with International ISO Standards which undergo four vital stages; Ultra Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Ionizing and Mineralization Technology.

VaVie water dispensers include many types of filtrations to provide clear, safe and healthy drinking water.

By the use of high precision ultrafiltration techniques, various impurities like Colloid, Rust, Suspended Matter, Sediment, Macromolecular Organic Matter, Bacteria, Virus are completely eliminated thereby ensuring water purification.

Tap water can become pure, delicious fresh tasting high-quality drinking water by reverse osmosis (RO) technology. The water quality produced is in accordance to the WHO drinking water standards.

Various other filters like Pre-carbon filter, Post-carbon filter, mineralization filter, composite energy filters are used.

The required filters are applied based on the various applications for different water dispensers. Click here for more details.


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