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Commercial Water Purifier - RO-15-PS-200A

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Interest Free Instalment is Available for UOB cards for either 6 months or 12 months.

Product Overview

  • Advanced RO membrane filtration technology with filtration precision of 0.0001micron.

  • Includes 5-stage physical filtration which fully eliminates sands, colloid, free chlorine, organic substance, heavy metal, bacterial, virus etc. from water.

  • Automatic microcircuit control system for cleaning.

  • Can afford to supply multiple water dispensing points.

  • LED display.

  • 2 outlets (one for hot water and the other for warm water)

  • Recommended number of users: 30~50 persons

Technical Information

Product Details
Model RO15-PS-200A
Process PP(1um)+Granular Active Carbon Filter-UDF+Compressed Active Carbon Filter-CTO+RO+Post Carbon Filter-T33
Precision 0.0001um
Control method Auto/Manual
Input voltage 230V 50Hz
Product Specifications
Output volume 200 Gallon/Day
Rated Power 2KW
Dimensions 450 x 340 x 1330mm
Hot water storage capacity 18 Litre

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