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Commercial Water Purifier - RO-13-PS-800C2

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Interest Free Instalment is Available for UOB cards for either 6 months or 12 months.

Product Overview

  • Unique body casing and dispensing platform design; compact structure; easy to be placed; the outlook of the equipment is designed as stainless steel drawing which is elegant and generous fashion.

  • Contains multistage filtration system which includes reverse osmosis technology, producing high quality purified water. The filtration precision achieved is 0.0001micron thereby completely eliminating the contaminants, heavy metal, microorganisms in the water. Output water is ready to drink with excellent taste.

  • Easy to operate with automatic start/stop; Contains low pressure auto shutdown protection; auto flushing when the system is started.

  • Booster pump with low noise and small vibration leading to longer lifespan and stable mechanical performance.

  • High flux filter which can generate more water with longer life span.

  • Integrated cold water and hot water system. High protection against electric shock and fire.

Technical Information

Product Details
Model RO13-PS-800C2
Operating temperature 5-40℃
Process PP(1um)+Granular Active Carbon Filter-UDF+Compressed Active Carbon Filter-CTO+RO+Post Carbon Filter-T33
Precision 0.0001um
Control method Auto/Manual
Input voltage 230V 50Hz
Product Specifications
Output volume 800 Gallon/Day
Rated Power 255W
Dimensions 665 x 570 x 1300 mm
Pressure Vessel Size 410 x 620 mm (external 11GPD)

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