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Inline Ultra-filtration Water Purifier - LeMillion

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Interest Free Instalment is Available for UOB cards for either 6 months or 12 months.

Product Overview

User Manuals
  • Leverages on existing tap water pressure without using extra pressure booster, energy efficient and environmental friendly.

  • Food grade 304 stainless steel shell.

  • Uses PVDF high performance membrane, high flux and long life span.

  • Suitable for water purifying needs for the entire house.

  • Tritech Ultra-filtration membrane; antioxidant and high resistance to pressure.

  • Apertures of Ultra-filtration membrane is 0.01μm ensuring removal of bacteria, virus and other harmful substances.

  • Simple and elegant design ensuring stability.

  • Environmental friendly and affordable with no power consumption and no waste water produced.

  • Immersed components are strictly made of food-grade materials to guarantee the water safety.


Product Technology


The VaVie/Tritech PVDF UF filter has higher-than-normal tactile strength and flux; its aperture is about 0.01μm, which allows it to effectively remove suspended solids, colloids, rust, bacteria, viruses, microorganisms in water, whilst retaining vital minerals in the water.

Types of Impurities removed

Colloid, Rust, Suspended Matter, Sediment, Macromolecular Organic Matter, Bacteria, Virus.
Water turbidity <0.5
Better than WHO drinking water standards

ISO Test Report

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