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VaVie Gold

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Interest Free Instalment is Available for UOB cards for either 6 months or 12 months.

Product Overview

User Manuals
  • No electricity required, energy efficient and environmental friendly.

  • Activated carbon fiber filter has ten (10) times the absorption effect and two (2) times the life span compared to ordinary activated carbon filters.

  • High quality coconut-shell activated carbon ensures fresh tasting water.

  • No extra water tap installation needed, convenient to use.

  • Clip buckle design, easy for installation and filter replacements.

Product Technology


The aperture of the VaVie/Tritech PP filter is about 5μm, and can be used on its own as a pre-filter for household tap water. Sediment, suspended solids, colloids, rust and other impurities can be removed with this simple, yet effective filtration device. When used as a pre-filter, it effectively improves the service life of subsequent filters.

Active carbon fiber filter

The VaVie/Tritech active carbon fibre filter boasts the following key characteristics - high iodine values, high absorption capacity, and high rate of oxygenation. The absorption capacity of our patented activated carbon fibre filter is 10 times higher than that of other common carbon filters, and can effectively filter out organic matter, chlorine, colours, odours-causing agents, and heavy metals, etc.


The VaVie/Tritech PVDF UF filter has higher-than-normal tactile strength and flux; its aperture is about 0.01μm, which allows it to effectively remove suspended solids, colloids, rust, bacteria, viruses, microorganisms in water, whilst retaining vital minerals in the water.

Post carbon filter

The VaVie/Tritech post carbon filter further deeply removes odour and chlorine, inhibits bacteria regeneration, and significantly improves the taste of the treated water.

Types of Impurities removed

Colloid, Rust, Suspended Matter, Sediment, Macromolecular Organic Matter, Bacteria, Virus, Residual Chlorine, Odour, Heavy Metal.
Water turbidity <0.5
Better than WHO drinking water standards

ISO Test Report




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