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Water Angel - RO-01-WA400A / B

Price: S$0.00
Interest Free Instalment is Available for UOB cards for either 6 months or 12 months.

Product Overview

  • RO membrane from CSM Korea having filtering aperture of 0.0001μm to guarantee water quality.

  • Tritech UF (ultra-filtration) membrane, to ensure the quality of drinking water.

  • Using activated carbon fiber filter, which is four times more effective than ordinary filter.

  • Dual outlet technique to produce purified water.

  • Simple with compact and elegant design.

  • LCD display.

  • Intelligent filter with life cycle indicator; water supply will be cut off when replacement is needed.

  • Ultra-silent motor for quietness and comfort.

  • Immersed components are strictly made of food-grade materials to guarantee the water safety.

  • Water outlet capacity is 400 gallons/day.


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