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VaVie Water Purification Methodologies

VaVie active carbon fiber filter

The TriTech VaVie active carbon fiber filter boasts the following key characteristics - high iodine values, high absorption capacity, and high rate of oxygenation. The absorption capacity of our patented activated carbon fiber filter is 10 times higher than that of other common carbon filters, and can effectively filter out organic matter, chlorine, colors, odor-causing agents, and heavy metals, etc.


The conventional activated balls of TriTech VaVie activation energy filter are improved by energy stones, and medical stone ceramic materials are added. The ceramic materials have the characteristics of some certain infrared emission in the infrared wavelengths, and have 93% of emissivity at room temperature. The activation mineralization balls made of these materials have high Infrared emissivity and water absorption, and they can slowly release more than twenty kinds of essential trace elements into the purified water, which makes the activated water in a more purified form with more beneficial minerals.


The TriTech VaVie PVDF UF filter has higher-than-normal tactile strength and flux; its aperture is about 0.01μm, which allows it to effectively remove suspended solids, colloids, rust, bacteria, viruses, microorganisms in water, whilst retaining vital minerals in the water.


The aperture of the TriTech VaVie PP filter is about 5μm, and can be used on its own as a pre-filter for household tap water. Sediment, suspended solids, colloids, rust and other impurities can be removed with this simple, yet effective filtration device. When used as a pre-filter, it effectively improves the service life of subsequent filters.


The TriTech VaVie Pre-carbon filter is able to effectively filter the organic compounds, fertilizers, odour-causing agents, chlorine and heavy metals.


The TriTech VaVie negative energy filter is a product developed using the latest advancements in nanotechnology. The filter is made by using a variety of naturally occurring minerals and tourmalines. The process of micro-electrolysis makes the water alkaline and the electrolysis ensures that the water molecules, ions and imbued minerals are readily absorbed by the body.

Negative potential filter

TriTech VaVie negative potential filter can put the tap water into negative potential water, whose pH is alkaline and the ORP is from 0 to -200mv. The solubility is high, and the permeability is strong, and what’s more the oil can be emulsified at a certain degree. So the negative potential water is a kind of drinking water with health effects.

Mineralization Filter

TriTech VaVie mineralization filter adds rare essential minerals to the water.


The TriTech VaVie reverse osmosis, or (RO) filter, has an aperture of only 0.0001μm. This extremely advanced filter is able to remove bacteria, viruses, organic compounds, colloids, pesticides, heavy metals and most of the salts (in nitrate form) in water, resulting in water in its purest form. Our U.S. patented RO filter is currently one of the most advanced filters in the world.

Composite energy filter

TriTech VaVie composite energy filter can change the arrangement of water molecules and destroy the hydrogen bonds between water molecules, making the water molecules associated become single scattered molecules and make long bonds become short bonds, which improves its penetration and dissolution, so that it can be easy to penetrate into the body. Coupled with the magnetized water may activate the activity of certain enzymes in the body, which effectively promotes the metabolism of nutrients.

Post carbon filter (T33)

The TriTech VaVie post carbon filter further deeply removes odor and chlorine, inhibits bacteria regeneration, and significantly improves the taste of the treated water.


TriTech VaVie energy stone filter have the ability to break the big molecules into small molecules, thereby increasing the pH of purified water. So the purified water can change into weakly basic small molecules, which can help cells to absorb and clear the acidic toxins of the body.

Energy filter

TriTech VaVie energy filter is made up of nano-high-energy materials produced by high technology, and it integrates the activation, mineralization, weak base, clean, ionized, antioxidant, negative potential, detoxification, antibacterial, sterilization and other functions. Energy filter can generate small water molecules with Ionized and negative potential against free radicals, making tap water become mineral water with many trace elements, and the rate of mineral absorption is 70%-90%. Because of its high activity and stability, the purified water has the characteristics of high dissolution, penetration, diffusion capacity, emulsion, and detergency. Therefore the purified water is much sweet and has plenty of electrolytes, and it can store longer than the sale mineral water in the market. In all, the water quality is unmatched.


Softening filter can absorb heavy metals and excess calcium and magnesium ions and other cations for softening hard water. Anion exchange resin can only exchange anions and cannot exchange cations. Ion exchange resins can significantly reduce the water hardness, the precipitation of metal ions in the body, the chance of human stones, and it can solve the problem of scale and improve the taste of water. Softening filter can be regularly placed in 6-10% sodium chloride (NaCl) solution for regenerating.


Medical stone ceramic ball contains more than 30 kinds of beneficial trace elements needed by the body, such as selenium, zinc, nickel, cobalt, manganese, magnesium, calcium, etc. The wave generated by these elements is the same as the wave of the body. So they can resonate to make human cells more dynamic, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, and exclude the body of waste.


Infrared mineralization ball has high infrared emissivity and water absorption force. It can slowly release more than 20 essential trace elements in this product, such as zinc, lithium, iodine, selenium into purified water, making the active purified water contain more beneficial minerals. Antibacterial function can be achieved by using new antimicrobial materials without heavy metals; therefore the antibacterial effect is more remarkable.

VaVie Drinking Water

The first product of Singapore

Produced in Singapore at FoodXchange@Admiralty, a food industry building facility approved by AVA

Produced with quality assurance in compliance with International ISO Standards

VaVie PREMIUM Drinking Water

Produced using the latest advancements in water technology

Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane technology

Super filtration at up to 0.0001 microns. Removes all impurities and odours.

Mineralization technology

Inbues water with rare and essential minerals for a healthier you

VaVie Alkaline Drinking Water

VaVie Alkaline driking water is producing from VaVie  PREMIUM Drinking Water using Ionization Technology

Ionization Technology

Alkaline pH 8.5-9.5: Increases the antioxidant vale of your own body,
Ensuring optimum hydration and keeping your body's pH level well-balanced.


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